Inspections And Verifications

 Wilpower provides independent electrical inspection, verification and equipment safety testing throughout Christchurch and Canterbury. We have both highly experienced, registered electricians and a qualified Electrical Inspector on our team..

Electrical Verifications

An electrical Certificate of Verification (COV) for residential property can often be requested by insurance companies during the sale and purchase of a property.

In particular, older properties are more likely to receive a request for a COV from an insurance company. Insurance compliance is normally a vital requirement for banks to sign-off on a mortgage settlement.

The purpose of the electrical COV is to verify the condition and safety of the electrical circuits in the property. Typically, the certificate covers verification of ‘an existing installation on which no work has been carried out and is not subject to Regulation 73’.

Situations in which COVs are Commonly Requested

Electrical COV’s help to identify potential electrical hazards and provide peace of mind to individuals, and a level of risk reduction to insurance companies and banks.

Common situations when electrical COV’s are requested include:

Buying a Property

  • as a pre-purchase requirement for a mortgage settlement (via the insurance company).
  • as a pre-purchase reassurance measure or due diligence condition of sale.
  • as a post-purchase reassurance measure to give you peace of mind.

Owning and Maintaining a Property

  • As an identification measure when you receive repeated ad-hoc and often intermittent electrical issues throughout the property.

Selling a Property

  • As evidence when selling your older home or investment property.

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