Heat Pump Servicing

Heat Pump Servicing & Maintenance Programmes
To help save running costs and protect your home and office from harmful bugs, we provide a residential and commercial comprehensive clean, service and maintenance check of your heat pumps. This includes a detailed report including temperatures and airflow, plus the sanitization of your units.
We clean what you can’t see

The temperature inside a working heat pump is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. With airborne particles blowing across the room, the chance of spreading that bacteria is particularly high with an unserviced heat pump.

An inefficient heat pump can also be costing you more money than it needs to, using more energy to create the right temperature and maintain the right airflow through blocked filters.

For coastal properties, we also offer an additional service of an anti-corrosion coating as part of your preventative maintenance. This service helps to protect your heat pump units from rusting due to the salt in the sea air.

We offer both one-off or ongoing service and maintenance programmes for your residential homes, commercial properties, or industrial buildings.


Heat Pump Service & Maintenance Checklist

Inside Unit

  • Check operating temperature and airflow efficiency
  • Remove indoor cover to fully access unit
  • Remove fine dust from behind filter screen and clean the screen
  • Remove oils and stains from the filter screen
  • Sanitize coils (to kill yeasts, mold, and bacteria)
  • Flush internal drain (to prevent bad smelling air)
  • Apply the cleaning solution to fins and coils
  • Test and check noise levels
  • Retest airflow and temperature
  • Check remote batteries and replace if needed
  • Clean and replace the unit cover

Outside Unit

  • Clear foliage from around the unit
  • Check for any refrigerant leaks
  • Clean intake screens
  • Remove and clean unit cover
  • Apply the cleaning solution to fins
  • Flush fins and coil
  • Clean and check fan blades
  • Test and check noise levels

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